Angel of Death is an American animated television series created by Jorge R.Gutierrez  for Nickelodeon.


The series' main character is a inteligent but clever angel named Manny Ramierez (voiced by Noah Munck), who works as a spy for an organization called A.O.D.F. (Angel of Death Force). His partner is a demi-demon  named Reina Suarez (voiced by Grey DeLisle). Other helpers are The Chief (voiced by John DiMaggio) and Bella (voiced by Tara Strong). The series takes place in a fictional city called Mexopolis , which is populated by demons and humans.



Angel of Death Force (A.O.D.F.)Edit

  • Manny Ramierez  - (voiced by Noah Munck) - The hero and main protagonist of the series. He is the very heart and soul of A.O.D.F. even though he's an intelligent, clever, hostile and cynical angel. Manny's overall natural skills makes him a formidable agent. Manny also has bad habits of being morbid and mature. However, despite this selfish personality; his bravery and advanced natural physical skills are an asset to A.O.D.F. in times of need and he can be pretty sensible when needed. He usually comes up with clever plans to stop his enemies, and he becomes more and more noble as time goes by. His catchphrase is "Gone Gone forma una subida humano a ángel de la muerte," and he often says it whenever he's ready to turn into a angel. In "Thunder Angel", he's shown to be afraid of thunder, but quickly overcomes it with Reina's help. In the same episode it is revealed he's afraid of the dentist. However, the only fear of Manny's that hasn't been disproven is a fear of bugs, which was revealed in "Candy Cane-ine". A running gag consists of the fact he reads poorly and cannot spell or write. However, there have been many times that Manny has demonstrated that he has these abilities. Jorge R. Gutierrez has confirmed that Reina and Manny will be a couple in later episodes. In the episode "Demon Dad", it's revealed that Manny's mother is still dating; the whereabouts of Manny's father have not been revealed.
  • Reina Suarez - (voiced by Grey DeLisle) - A female demi-demon  who is one of A.O.D.F.'s best agents. She is also Manny's partner and best friend. Skilled in various fighting styles and use of firearms, short tempered, and easily startled, Reina is a force to be reckoned with. A few episodes mention that her birthdays as a child have been horrible, she spent eight years in Secret Agent College, and has a spoiled bratty younger sister who is grounded. Being a human, she naturally fought with Manny (who is a angel) when he first joined the agency; usually in a mature manner. However, as episodes progress, she becomes more affectionate to Manny as he presents his courage, skill, nobility, and respect for her and A.O.D.F. more often. Later they stop fighting and become heartfelt friends. Jorge R.Gutierrez confirms that they will become a couple in later episodes. She wears a black spy suit over her red turtle neck, red boots, a red hairband, and red gloves (unless she is wearing a disguise). She sometimes, yet rarely, gives into her animal instincts like chasing mice and birds, clawing things, and leaving dead mice on doorsteps.
  • Bella - (voiced by Tara Strong) - The primary inventor and scientist of A.O.D.F. HQ.
  • The Chief  - (voiced by John DiMaggio) - A tough and strict but good-natured demon who runs A.O.D.F. headquarters. Subsequently, he's Manny's employer and (although he's usually getting angry at Manny and yelling at him) he seems to be somewhat proud of him as an agent. In "Eternal Affairs," it's revealed that his real name is Greg Markov.


Diabolical Evil Victim Intelligence legion (D.E.V.I.L)Edit

  • Sergio - (voiced by Eric Bauza) - An evil demon and leader of the Diabolical Evil Victim Intelligence Legion (D.E.V.I.L), Sergio serves as the one the three main villains and the main antagonist of the series. Ironically, despite being a demon, he is afraid of Reina Suarez. Like his archnemesis Manny Ramierez, he is hyperactive, immature, and airheaded. However, unlike Manny, he doesn't show intellectual potential.
  • Lecho (voiced by Jeff Bennett) - A demon that is Sergio's dimwitted brother-in-law, Lecho's married to Sergio's sister, and often infuriates his boss by talking back to him or doing something stupid, which results in him either getting blasted by a laser or thrown into the shark tank.
  • Ollie - (voiced by Jeff Bennett) - A sensible and smart British demon, Ollie is Sergio's voice of reason, whom he often ignores.
  • Carlos (voiced by John DiMaggio) - An demon with a stereotypical Mexican accent. He's the only one who seems to take villainy seriously. In "Angel Dish", he kept trying to convince Sergio to use the invisibility helmet for more evil deed than sneaking into the movies.

Other enemiesEdit

  • Cambiar de Forma(voiced by John DiMaggio) - An evil and devious demon in a molecular transformation suit, which allows him to shapeshift into virtually any disguise or inanimate object. He serves as the one the three main villains of the series. In "Devil Room-mates", his name is pronounced "The shapeshift  as a running gag he wanted to get revenge on Reina Suarez by blowing her up nine times but Manny heroically thwarted his evil plan, thus saving her. He talks like Peter Lorre and eats any bug he sees, a trait used against him several times.
  • Majadero(voiced by Rob Paulsen) - Majadero an evil bird genius who can't fly with his wings. He has an sidekick named Raven who claims he can fly if he just believes he can. He serves as one of the three main villains of the series. He claims to be a blue-bottomed booby bird. Despite his species name's origin which is from the Spanish word "bobo" or "stupid"
  • Raven(voiced by Grey DeLisle) - Raven is Majadero's scatterbrained raven sidekick.
  • Jack Reaper - (voiced by John DiMaggio) - Jack Reaper is a former elite AODT agent and Reina's former partner who is a parody of James Bond, he had turned evil, attempting to drain secret agents' brains and sell their secrets to villains along with the building to earn money. Greedy, clever, arrogant, and dishonest, Jack attempted to lure Reina into a trap so he could steal her information (mostly to get money from Sergio), but was defeated by Manny and Bella. 
  • Vaca LocaVaca Loca is an angry bull who is a very bad guy. He tried to escape prison, but he got arrested by Reina.
  • Caballo Loco-Caballo Loco is a horse who is a bad guy and uses chainsaws which is why they call him Caballo Loco (he even whinnies while using chainsaws). He tried to escape prison but he got arrested thanks to Reina. He bunks with Sergio.
  • Colo de Sieve and Guanine,(voiced by Candi Milo and Dave Boat) - Colo de Sieve and Guanine are evil rabbit siblings who dress up as vegetables and cheat in events by eliminating and kidnapping the winner/s. Colo de Sieve is the mastermind of the two, while Guanine possesses little to no intelligence, who in his sister's words is "dumber than a box of hair" (she should know, she used to skate with one, and claims it was smarter than him). Despite his immense stupidity, he is very competent with Colo de Sieve's plan and when it is ruined, he is shown to be just as angry at the failure and desperate to escape as Colo de Sieve is.
  • Jose (voiced by John DiMaggio in the first appearance, Carlos Alazraqui in the second appearance) - Jose is a crazy human who thinks he is the ruler of the human world, and thinks that Manny is the king of the netherworld and talks to zombies. He once tried to flood Mexopolis but was stopped by Reina and Manny.
  • La Chinche (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui) - Chince is Mexopolis' worst smelling villain. Because of his very strong odor Manny's super sensitive nose made him powerless to stop him until Manny caught Bella's cold. He is also very rude and cruel to his henchman.
  •  Dr. Rabin and Madame Catastrophe- Two villains who resemble Manny Ramierez and Reina Suarez, except that their evil twins wear eye patches and have goatees on their chins. They only appeared in "The Devils".
  • Marina Suarez (voiced by Grey DeLisle) - An spoiled brat evil little girl who is Reina's younger sister. She was mentioned a lot in the series where it is stated that she is grounded. As a criminal, she commits crimes such as armed robbery, grand theft auto, and insurance fraud. Marina debuted in "Older Sisters v.s Younger Brothers" where she forces her older sister to take care of her pet chihuahua.Marina does this by scaring her in which Manny and Reina going to the competion to keep the chihuahua safe from harm. Manny didn't know that where Reina's chihuahua was killed by Marina. Marina was eventually found out, ends up defeated by Manny and Reina, and is sent back to her room.

Minor CharactersEdit

Citizens of MexopolisEdit

  • Peg Rameirez - (voiced by Nika Futterman) is Manny's over protective mother, she once dated Sergio and the Cambiar de forma. In "Demon Dad", she's shown to not have her husband, after Manny's father married her which means she's either divorced or widowed. In "Mom-A-Geddon", she disapproves of Manny's occupation, but after seeing him in action, allows him to keep his job. She thinks that Reina is Manny's secretary, and never gets her name right. She usually bothers Manny when he's home.
  • Little Hispanic Girl - An unnamed young Hispanic girl who was used basically as a running gag throughout the episode "Mall Demon." She is depicted as being adorably innocent and sweet, and her main purpose throughout the episode was to tug at Manny's shirt after every time Reina thwarted one of Sergio's unusual acts of kindness towards the townspeople and ask why Reina performed the action that destroyed Sergio's most recent contribution.
  • Mrs. Suarez- Mrs. Suarez is Reina's mother, who first appeared in a flashback in "Operation: Happy Birthday." She somewhat resembles and even sounds like her daughter  In the episode "Diary of a Mad Cat", Cambiar de Forma disguises himself as Reina's mom and reveals that Reina has a sister who is a criminal.