Counterpart TriviaEdit

  • Reina's design resembles that of Agent 99 from the Get Smart TV series by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry.
  • Reina is similar to Raven  from Teen Titans because they both have bossy personalities, and both are serious.
  • Reina Suarez is voiced by Grey DeLisle, who also worked with Jorge Gutierrez on El Tigre (as Frida Suarez), and Daughters of Anarchy (as Roxi Anarchy).
  • Reina shares the same personality and traits with Leela from Futurama.
  • Like Mia from Power Rangers Samurai, Reina thinks she's a great cook, but her friends can't agree.
  • Reina is similar to Frankie Foster from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, because they both have similar personalities and they are both voiced by the same voice actress, Grey DeLisle.
  • Reina is also similar to Jenny/XJ9 from My Life as a Teenage Robot because of her kick-butt attitude.
  • Reina also has a similarity to Black Cat from Spider-Man, because of her martial arts skill and her black attire.
  • Reina even has similarities to Catwoman from the Batman comics, because of her cat skills. Grey DeLisle also voiced Catwoman in Batman: Arkham City.
  • She bears a number of similarities to Death from Regular Show, another show that aired on Cartoon Network. Both are reapers, sophisticated, short-tempered, fight with their human friends, accident-prone, and arrogant. However unlike Death, Reina does not seem to have a scythe (she tried to teach how to reap people's souls in one episode) and she is somewhat shorter-tempered than he is, plus Death is a male while Reina is a female.

All-About TriviaEdit

  • Although Reina is excellent in combat skills, she becomes a human if her spell are broken, which causes her to turns into a human.
  • Although she can speak 120 different dialects, she only speaks English in every episode, but unlike Manny, in the episode Angel Save the Queen, she seems not to have any problems in understanding the British accent.
  • In her first appearance Reina was shown to be serious, but as the series went on, she began to lighten up.
  • According to Diary of a Mad Cat, she is capable of doing 100 push-ups with only one hand/paw.
  • She was the first person to ever catch the elusive Cambiar de Forma.
  • It is implied that she has a crush on Manny, this has been confirmed for a future episode, but as of Angel's Best Friend she still has a crush on the Water Delivery Guy.
  • It is revealed in Thunder Angel that Reina has a fear of shedding in public.
  • It is implied that in The Wrong Stuff, Reina and Jack were once more than just partners; they both were more than likely a couple back in the old days of A.O.D.F. before he retired.
  • Reina was originally going to be dressed in a purple reaper suit, as shown in her original concept art, instead of the black jumpsuit that she always wears.
  • Manny wasn't the first partner Reina had. Her partner before Manny was Jack Reaper.
  • Reina is the first character to be shown in pajamas.
  • In Mall Demon, Reina was referred to as a "demi-demon lady".
  • In Forget Me Angel, Reina has a crush on the Water Delivery Guy.
  • So far Reina has been known to have five personal objects: a cell phone, a ring, a pink collar, lip gloss and a razor which Manny ruined in the episode Chilly Angel.
  • She seems to be a collector of art pieces, as seen in Devil Room-mates, since her apartment is filled with different art pieces.
  • Reina never smiles as seen in My Fair Manny but in the end Reina and Manny smiles at the beauty pageant.
  • Reina don't like the color pink and her aunt is coming for a visit in the episode