Season 2 (2011-TBA)Edit

  • Angel of Death was picked up for a second season with 20 episodes. 6 of them have the same 1xx production code, but they are considered as Season 2 episodes. The list contains 14 episodes with the 2xx production code.
  • On May 27, 2012, Angel of Death began airing in 1080p widescreen format. The first two high definition episodes on iTunes were "Lie Like a Devil" and "Loco Human."

"A Deviled Christmas"

Mexopolis' villains team up to hijack Christmas. Manny and Reina have to stop them and save Santa and his elves before midnight or nobody will get presents this year! 

"Angel on Campus / Angel's Best Friend"

Angel on Campus": Manny and Reina go undercover at Manny's high school reunion to stop an unknown villain from blowing up the reunion. "Angel's Best Friend": Sergio sends a killer robot to destroy A.O.D.F., but Manny finds it and befriends it. 

"Party Business / Diary of a Mad Demon"

"Party Business": A popular boy who teases Manny for invited him. "Diary of a Mad Demon": Manny erroneously leaks out Reina's diary in a mass e-mail, exposing her vulnerabilities to her foes. 

"Manny Do-Wrong / Angel Unplugged"

"Manny Do-Wrong": Cambiar de Forma poses as the mayor and shuts down A.O.D.F. "Angel Unplugged"Majadero eradicates technology. 

"Get Out of my Head / Angel Tired"

"Get Out of my Head": Manny overhears a voicemail message from Reina's old partner, Jack Reaper, asking her to meet up, but Manny's convinced that he's up to no good. Using a body hopping device, Manny jumped into Reina and spends the day with Jack in Reina's head. "Angel Tired": When Sergio gets his hands on a Dream Destroyer, he plans on using it on to make Manny's dreams so good he never wants to wake up. 

"Top Angel / Demon in the Box"

"Top Angel": While Manny overzealously takes over for a sick Chief, the Fiendish League of Potential Perpetrators, or F.L.O.P.P. for short, attempts to make their crime debut! "Demon in the Box": The Lemonades are back to get revenge on Manny for putting them in jail. They open a fast food chain and try to frame Manny for taking out the competition! 

"Lie Like A Angel / Loco Human"

"Lie Like A Angel": Manny constantly lies about having a dentist appointment to get out of work at AODF, but he ends up stopping villains while he is relaxing, and he has to conceal his identity when he is caught on camera, and he can't claim the rewards he is offered for fear of exposure. "Loco Human": The crazy human Jose has escaped from the underworld.Manny sent him to the human world since Jose was a baby, his mother passed away and his father married a demon just like Reina's human dad married a demon.

"Angel Daddy / Candy Cane-ine"

"Angel Daddy": Manny accidentally turns the AODF agents into teenagers, kids, and babies with Bella's Young Gun. "Candy Cane-ine": A candy maker enlists AODF.'s help to test his security system he's using to protect his new top secret candy, The Atomic Bomb Pop. 

"Heaven to the Future / Lights, Camera, Action"

"Heaven to the Future": Bella is working on an invention that will allow the AODF agents to see the Cambiar de Forma no matter what he turns into. In an effort to get his hands on the invention, Cambiar de Forma turns into Manny and convinces him that he's future Manny. "Lights, Camera, Action": The Lemonades cast the AODF agents in their latest movie called "Not a Real Movie," in a genuis plot to get the agents to steal gold and frame them. 

"Heaven to Nature / Angels and Bolts"

"Heaven to Nature": After getting information of Sergio stealing picnic baskets in St.Raymond Park, the AODF agents use Bella's new RV to drive to St. Raymond Park and stop Sergio. "Angels and Bolts": After getting struck by lightning, Manny can now predict the future.

"Angel House / Time Waits for No Angel"

"Angel House": Sergio tries to get close to Manny under the disguise of a new roommate! "Time Waits for No Mutt": After always being constantly late, Manny is warned by The Chief that if he's late one more time he is fired. So Manny must try to get to work on time but the villains plan to stop him at all costs.

"Hush Manny / Demon Birthday"

"Hush Angel": Reina, Bella and The Chief can't support that Manny yells all the time, so Bella decides to put Manny on a special collar that blocks his voice. "Demon Birthday": Just a few days until Manny's birthday, both The Lemonades come to offer a false place to celebrate his birthday.

Manny vs. Chihuahua/What's up with Reina

Manny vs. Chihuahua: Manny is jealous of a chihuahua. What's up with Reina: Reina begins to act strangely after her aunt is coming for a visit.